See, observe and judge with your eyes.

Product care is our main secret, the second is fair cost.

In order to work and give a high quality product, a general, not superficial culture and a deep knowledge of the products that make up one’s business, including a deep historical and design knowledge, are essential. Understanding words and definitions as they are and not as you invent them is absolutely necessary, this includes the terms of your work.

The word philosophy recalls the Greeks, recalls Plato, Socrates, Aristotle. These were the leading ancient philosophers.

Etymological meaning of Philosophy: 

philo“: care, attention, desire for what you do not have (not in a material sense)

sophos” – from the Greek – : clear, illuminated, deriving from light.

I am trying with my staff to create a philosophical jewelry, where an impeccable service is given, a very high quality of the product while maintaining fairness in the exchange. The jewelers who gave the service and high quality products, in recent years have brought the price of jewels to an almost impossible level and some have sold their brand to large financial giants, losing their humanity in their work, losing the sap that made them. led to success, THEY HAVE LOST LOVE.

To a wise woman, whom I met in Cuba 35 years ago where I frequented her house (restaurant) almost every day, I asked why she had refused to serve a customer who had proposed to pay more. She replied candidly: “Sai Niño, by accepting and asking for more and more, you become greedy and then you become arid.” I went to sit in my seat and felt a growth inside me.

Our philosophy is to learn more every day and be jewelers, creating a jewelry store that you can turn to without the fear of losing or falling into deception. Ours is a jewelry where you can contact with confidence, we will do the best for you at a fair exchange.

Why do we follow an ancient and not a modern philosophy? Simple, there is a greater and better memory of ancient times and thoughts than of modern buildings and “new concepts”. Long life is given by quality, pleasure and harmony of shapes, but also by service and fairness. Sometimes, in modern times, we see people or things that are like an eyesore, it is not given by fashion but by the lack of respect in HERSELF and others silently suffer this lack of respect.

I don’t think a philosophical or common sense jewelry exists but I hope that we will live long so that a more respectful concept can be born between jeweler and customer, not between seller and “the prey or buyer”. I would not change a quality product, renounce refinement and harmony, I do not intend to fail in my principles by converting to “fashion” or to a strange way of seeing that does not belong to me. I like Greek philosophy and Plato, they have more to teach than this “fashion” which in my opinion changes every six months due to exhaustion, because people lose interest quickly.

Plato said: “Man stumbles on his weaknesses”.

The reason for so much care in the work is PRIDE, LOVE, and the emotion of CREATION. As I progress in my studies, for personal interest, I understand more and more that what comes closest to man is spirituality, harmony, creativity, kindness, courtesy, a sense of right, compassion , etc. Each of these things, also called virtues, make any job better, more interesting, long-lived, but above all you feel satisfied with your life.

A person who performs acts of generosity is more smiling than one who raids everything.

The pleasure of work is important, it is because it takes up 70% of our time, we might as well do it well.

The requests I have are all qualitative, not quick done just to do. If what the public is asking for is quality in jewelry then I have to give Quality.

This makes it much more than any advertising we do. Our reputation is more profitable than stocks on the stock exchange. Philosophy is a way of thinking which then turns into actions. When we deliver a piece of jewelry, we also get admiration and respect. Studying Plato helps. Philosophy pays!

Culture and knowledge are the main source of wealth. I hear a lot about job crises, but why does the furniture maker near my house always have a job? I went to see, it has a high quality product. Why is the goldsmith’s workshop I work with always full of work? He too has a high quality product and so does a friend of mine from Salerno who makes mozzarella, the builder, the laundry, etc. Each of these people have moral concepts in life and work, they have culture, they are nice, smiling, fair in their requests.

It is not true the concept of the rich, uncouth and uncultured, the low funds are full of these people. Those who work in the real world are often very cultured people with deeply rooted moral principles. Successful businesses have people who pay attention to detail, care for the product and express their experience by making right daily decisions for the common good, creating productive activities. Some say they are lucky, others that they work diligently. The result is that after years they have successful businesses because they work with sound moral principles and are incorruptible.


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